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While I actually love the cover to issue 11 a bit more, the thing I love most about this cover is how Arnold Arre creatively violated our trademark color bar borders and turned them into sort of a small ledge or stage.  It’s great because it’s how my castmates and I used to hang out on the gym stage where we performed Camelot back in 1993.

Also, Arnold gave me a layered file of this cover, so I’ve been able to use the full bodies of Will and Lel and make really cool wallpapers and layouts with them.

Initially, Arnold had Will and Lel smiling at each other, but I asked Arnold to change it because I felt it foreshadowed too much what was going to happen in the end, and I didn’t want to blunt the surprise and I wanted to show that the issue was about them sharing sad stories.  Also, I asked for Joe’s hair to be spikier. 🙂


Because of this change of expression though, we had a bit of debate about the huge heart ornament hanging on the stage.  Iyay, my wife (though she wasn’t yet at the time), was worried that people might think it was Ces and Joe (who are the characters in the heart) were the ones breaking up.*  I brought up the idea where the heart would be empty so Arnold made a study where the broken heart was empty.  But then the layout just looked too empty somehow with the heart just being plain inside.  My editor, Elbert, also worried that people would think Will and Lel broke up.

Then I had the idea to have scenes in the heart halves, featuring comic panels from the issue itself with Lel and Joe on one side and Will and Ces on the other.


But it just looked way too cluttered and busy and then El suggested going back to the blank hearts again.  Arnold then argued that for new readers (as some of you most likely are), they wouldn’t know who those characters were and wouldn’t care, while old readers would understand the dynamic we were setting up.  And I said that I actually did want to hint that Joe and Ces did have some kind of relationship before (and I do say in the series that Joe did have a crush on Ces, which is revealed in issue 11), so it would actually be OK to have that interpretation there.  And the way Arnold had the two in the heart looking at the two sitting on stage, who were looking at each other, just encapsulated the whole issue too perfectly.  In the end, the second cover image worked better and we went back to it for the cover.

*updated after reading Joel’s comment as originally I had written here that El was the one who first brought up the concern about the cover and suggested the blank hearts. But checking my old emails (yes, I keep emails from years ago), the exchange shows Iyay brought it up and I suggested the blank hearts.  Man, I’m getting old. My memory is going.
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  1. I’d go with Elbert. :p

    • Whoops! Turns out I misremembered the events. I checked my email from back then and it turns out my wife was the one who suggested it, and Elbert agreed but brought up the worry that people would think Lel and Will broke up. Then we tried different solutions but went back to the original. Will have to update my commentary… 🙂 Damn fautly memory.

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