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McCready’s time with his best friend

A dog is a man’s best friend. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Think child celebrities have it easy? This comic may change your mind!

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As we see in the comic, Erika is pressured by her competitive mother to become famous and more successful than other child stars. She has a hectic schedule with barely enough time for herself, her studies, and her interests. She’s so young but she’s already on a very strict diet. She barely has time to chat with other people. Where’s the fun in that? Victims of unfavorable stage parents includes Drew Barrymore and Elizabeth Taylor.

Fortunately, there are some stage parents that are encouraging their children to reach their potential yet at the same time have forged logical priorities. For example, Kris Aquino has prioritized Bimby’s education before pursuing other movie projects and saved the money for his future endeavors. Another example is with Steven Spielberg where his parents have been highly supportive of his storytelling talents.

So everyone, remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! In the meantime, stop worrying about others and go have fun! It is summertime after all! Don’t forget to spend time with your family too! Family dinners, movies, and so on. Cheers!

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Manic Monday

Hello everyone!

This is a short story about Mons, a character with a tough attitude, where she cannot drive to school because her father used the car so she was forced to commute, only to find out that there is no school that day.

Some schools will start their summer holidays next Monday so be sure to check your schedule to avoid having the same situation as Mons!

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Girls actually do this, giving wrong phone numbers! 🙂 Apparently, this technique is to know whether a person is giving you the wrong number. When you repeat the number, purposely call out the last number wrong, if he or she corrects you then it is the right number but if she doesn’t then highly likely that it isn’t right. Although, if she is giving you a real number (Mons in this case gave Cid’s number) then even if she corrects you, it is still not HER number. Touché Mons, touché.

Happy Summer to all the students on their summer break! For the rest of us… well, keep on the look out for holidays! 😀 Cheers!

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