Going Out, But

Hi everyone! How has your week been?

Today we just want to highlight one of the most important relationships in Cast—Manny and Ces’ ongoing ambiguous relationship/non-relationship. Yep. Like Ces, we don’t really quite know where things stand with Manny. They’re special to each other, but not exclusive. Manny doesn’t want to tie her (and himself) down, but she doesn’t want to impose on him and rock the boat. So they keep going around in circles and hurt each other and others (Will!) in the process.

So here’s a scene from Cast 9, written by the awesome tandem of Jamie Bautista and Jhomar Soriano.


Have you been in a similar situation?

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Let’s start from the very beginning…

Hello everybody!

For some of you, welcome back. For the rest of you, welcome to the world of Cast.

I bet those of you who are already fans of Cast are dying to know what happened. To the characters and to the creators. Did I miss the ending? What happened to Will and Cess? To Lel and Joe? And Maita and Elmo? And Mons? And Cid? And…

For the record, our last published issue was Cast 11. It left a lot of things hanging, but we promise, we are working on something very special for all you fans out there.

First is we will be doing recaps of our issues and stories. This week we are featuring a scene from the very beginning of the series—Will’s audition! What makes this even more special is that Jamie Bautista reworked this from the original published version and got comic superstar Arnold Arre to give his rendition of the scene.

Will's audition

Will's audition 2 

So, do you know what tip he got?

(Clue: the answer is on our Facebook fan page.)

What do you think of Arnold’s art?

On this site, we will also be sharing with you OTHER things aside from this wonderful comic of ours. Aside from character profiles and behind the scenes, we will be sharing our thoughts on relationships, theater, dance, art, life and so much more—so stay tuned!

—The Real Ces

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Cast 10 Cover


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Page 1 – Busted


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